This website is used as a platform to introduce three Web Based Instructional Strategies viz. Online Tutorial, Online Tutorial Supported with Remedial Teaching and Online Tutorial Supplemented with Online Counseling for learning structural words in English. Learners are allowed to select any strategy on their own interest.

Learners have to take pre-tests before going through the contents of each module within a strategy; each strategy consists of five modules based on five concepts. Post-tests known as Criterion Referenced Tests have to be taken at the end of each module.

In Online Tutorial, once a learner learns a concept and gives correct answer to the question asked, he/she will be directed to next concept. If the given answer is wrong, he/she will be directed to the previous content to re-read and gain a clear understanding.

In the Online Tutorial Supported with Remedial Teaching, when the learner gives wrong answer he/she will be directed to a remedial content where explanation is given for being wrong in their answer. After reading remedial content they will be directed to the question.

In Online Tutorial Supplemented with Online Counseling, the process of learning is similar to Online Tutorial but in this strategy, learners will additionally be given a provision of communicating with the researcher through online chat and clarifying their doubts regarding the content in each and every frame of the module. They can make use of the option ‘SEND QUERY TO ADMIN’ given in the right hand side of each frame.

In SUBJECT BOX, write the name of the concept in which you have doubts and in MESSAGE BOX, write your queries and send to the admin that is to the researcher. You can also view the answers sent by the researcher in the INBOX, given in the PROFILE on the website menu after login. The Pre test and Post test of all the five modules can also be viewed by clicking the button TEST RESULTS, given in the PROFILE.